So I Just Got Back From L.A.

It’s funny how every time you leave home and have incredible experiences, you come home and you feel like a different person coming off the plane. I mean, I am not a different person, but then again, my world view is just a little bigger. I think that is what growing as a person is all about. Stepping outside yourself, taking it all in and you keep learning. LA was so great! Met wonderful people while passing out my music cards doing some promotion stuff. Met a former member of Mötley Crüe. Sang to a blind man named “Dancer” who was in tears and said I was his angel. And he kept telling me he was a tiny vessel in this world. My show at Whisky A Go Go was GREAT (so they tell me). I literally

2017 is gonna be a big year!

I know my New Year 2017 post is a couple months late, but that is how busy I have been! I can’t tell you everything, but I have some seriously great plans. Another trip to LA at the end of March (Whisky a Go Go on the 23rd) Another single release New music being written And a super secret yet to be revealed (I CAN’T WAIT – SO BIG!!!)

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