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Jocelyn and Boys Town National Hotline Plan Tour!

Thank you to all of my fans for being there for me through the Covid - 19 epidemic. Because of your support I have been able to continue my work with the Boys Town National Hotline. We are still making plans and hopefully if all goes well we will be moving forward with the Kindness Tour this Fall! I am inspired to return the love and support you have given me and look forward to seeing all of you! Below is an outline of the Kindness Program.

Jocelyn and Boys Town Hotline have been working on an uplifting program called the Kindness Program and Tour. The program is designed to bring students a positive message of love and hope along with the Boys Town National Hotline resources. Students will take part in a series of uplifting activities over the course of several days. Each day will feature a positive theme from one of Jocelyn's songs including anti-bullying, loving and respecting yourself, never give up, etc. On the last day students will be treated to a performance from Jocelyn!

Jocelyn and Boys Town National Hotline are looking forward to bringing their positive message to students everywhere! If you would like to learn more about the Kindness Tour and how you can bring it to your school visit the Boys Town National Hotline site by clicking HERE.

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