Best Pop Artist - OEAA

Hello Everyone, it is Jocelyn here! I want to thank a few people that I didn’t get the chance to thank last Sunday night at the Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards (OEAA) due to my nervousness. So here it is: Shout out to the all the members and workers at the OEAAs for making the show even possible. Shout out to all the winners who won Sunday night, shout out to the nominees that where nominated in all the categories, the performers who performed last night Olivia Johnson, J Crum, Ect. All of my mentors/influencers that are a part of my everyday life…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Shout out to my grandparents for driving me to all my shows, and selling t-shirts. SHOUT OUT TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WH

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