Meeting people and doing what I love

Hello beautiful people, this is to whomever is ever reading this, just wanted to keep you updated! Right now I am on the second week of pre-production with my new EP. Things are going wonderful and I’m loving the people I’m working with. They really believe in the direction I want to go on this record and they know exactly what they are are doing. I couldn’t imagine anyone doing it better! I’m so happy to be out here doing what I love:) I’m so thankful of the universe that I even get to call this my job!! So far I’m having such a great time, the weather has been nice everyday and I met some people who I would never thought of ever meeting and even become friends with!!! I’m getting a little

American Dreamin'

I left this morning for LA!!! This is my dream coming true! I am going there to record an EP. I don’t know what will happen after that, but I know I am going in the right direction. I could not be on this plane without the support of everyone who encouraged me from day 1, back to when I got that first little black guitar and J taught me a few chords. I am getting a wonderful chance at my dream because my family, friends and fans believe in me and I will never forget that. Also thanks to a little “She Deserves To Be Heard” video that went viral to over 1 million people. I haven’t sold a single song or EP yet, but I know that I have already won this race. How will I ever thank you all enough?

Press Release!

Press Release/Jocelyn Acoustic Midtown Crossing Show 5/14/16 A gifted singer/songwriter/guitarist from Omaha, NE is poised to make her mark in contemporary music. Jocelyn, at an astounding eighteen years of age, combines her deep passion for humanity with a very observant and mature outlook on life, love and music to write amazing, memorable songs that stick in your head. She has an ever- growing catalog of hooky, modern pop music that relates well to artists like Ed Sheeran, Tracy Chapman, Megan Trainor, Nora Jones, etc. Twice nominated (the youngest ever) for the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award for best singer/songwriter, Jocelyn has performed at countless local and regional show

One Million!

I am beyond grateful and blessed! First, on Saturday, April 23rd Riley Meehan ‏@rileymeehan22 and her friends were down in the Old Market and filmed a 20 second video and posted it to Twitter (some of the others posted too). Then, 5 Quad saw Riley’s little fan video and reposted it on Wednesday, April 25th about 9pm at night: Then something incredible happened…it took off and went viral! (they have taken it down as of May 6th with no explanation after it had been viewed nearly 1,500,000 times.) My first viral video and 24 seconds of fame. It has gone around the world several times. I am overwhelmed that you all liked it and shared i

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