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Meeting people and doing what I love

Hello beautiful people, this is to whomever is ever reading this, just wanted to keep you updated! Right now I am on the second week of pre-production with my new EP. Things are going wonderful and I’m loving the people I’m working with. They really believe in the direction I want to go on this record and they know exactly what they are are doing. I couldn’t imagine anyone doing it better! I’m so happy to be out here doing what I love:) I’m so thankful of the universe that I even get to call this my job!!

So far I’m having such a great time, the weather has been nice everyday and I met some people who I would never thought of ever meeting and even become friends with!!! I’m getting a little homesick but I’m totally cool with it. As you all may know growing up and jumping out of your mothers nest isn’t a comfortable thing to do! But I am good hands and am very excited for what is to come next!! Keep a look out for my coming EP I’m really excited about it:)

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