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Blown Away!

This was at Genghis Cohen in LA. I got to perform on stage with accomplished Singer/Songwriters in a Songwriter’s Round; Jim Huff, Jane Bach and Sandra Piller! This is a different type of performance where we take turns performing. I gotta do this again!!! So fun.

I have to say, I am so honored and humbled by the support and love that I am getting from home and around the world. I could not be doing this without that support. I will never get over how this makes me feel…so blessed. Thank you to all.

Also this week I got an Instagram message of a hand drawn illustration of me from a 15 year old girl named Ham in Egypt. (wait…Egypt??!!! WOW!) She had drawn it from a portrait that my best friend Gage had taken of me recently. I literally started to cry. What an amazing gift. Be sure to check her other work out on Instagram @ hamshesham. My friend said to get used to this, but I will never get used to this. This will never get old!

Lastly, I am working hard in the studio. But this is California and I am really enjoying being here!

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