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One Million!

I am beyond grateful and blessed!

First, on Saturday, April 23rd Riley Meehan ‏@rileymeehan22 and her friends were down in the Old Market and filmed a 20 second video and posted it to Twitter (some of the others posted too).

Then, 5 Quad saw Riley’s little fan video and reposted it on Wednesday, April 25th about 9pm at night:

Then something incredible happened…it took off and went viral! (they have taken it down as of May 6th with no explanation after it had been viewed nearly 1,500,000 times.)

My first viral video and 24 seconds of fame.

It has gone around the world several times.

I am overwhelmed that you all liked it and shared it. Thank you Riley! Thank you 5 Quad!

Thank you everyone!!!

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